At The Gannet we recognize that drinkers must also occasionally eat. 

Located in the Sunnybank middle lounge, we offer an informal setting for the enjoyment of fine food, served Wednesday to Sunday accompanied by a wide selection of beer, wine and whiskeys of the world. The Gannet Menu is proud of its proper pub food offering. We keep the menu small, simple and fresh – we make all our food to order so it may take a little longer but we think you will find it is worth the wait. We pride ourselves on our Cheeseburgers – and we think they’re pretty good. Why might that be? 

We source our grass fed beef from Higgins Butcher, Sutton, the award winning butcher who supplies us with a select mix of quality cuts that we grind daily in our own kitchen. We form the burger patties by hand with no additions whatsoever. These practices are in marked contrast to those used in commercial (supermarkets, a lot of restaurants) hamburger production, in which meat processors are shipped "trim” (off-cuts, innards, fat) from many slaughterhouses to be ground together in vast batches with binders and fillers and formed by machine.

We pride ourselves on what we do and the food we provide - this all helps to make The Gannet Cheeseburgers so tasty and juicy! It would be unfair to leave vegetarians out so we spent many hours’ recipe testing our Vegetarian Cheeseburger and we think we have created a burger experience without the meat that will encourage you to come back for more. The feedback has been really great so far so come find out for yourself. We source as much as our ingredients from local businesses and suppliers. We are very proud of our north-side Dublin roots and we want to see Glasnevin firmly establish itself on the Dublin food scene. 

We are always really grateful to hear feedback, positive or negative, from our customers as we are always looking to improve the food and service we proudly provide.

You can order food from
Vagya Restaurant Upstairs
as well as our own Restaurant.